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Frequently Asked Questions

Human Resources Office
200 E. Washington St.
Suite T1541
Indianapolis, Indiana  46204
Office:  (317) 327-5211
Job Line: (317) 327-3368
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How can I submit an application?

  • Information about submitting an application may be found on our Applications page.

Do you accept lateral transfers of training from other departments?

  • Individuals who have completed a state certified law enforcement training course that would permit them to be a paid full-time officer will be considered for an abbreviated training curriculum with IMPD.

What is the starting pay for an IMPD officer?

  • A description of pay and other benefits may be found on our Benefits page.

What training do new officers receive?


  • The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s policy on uniform and personal appearance is as follows:
    The department does not accept any applicants with body art and/or tattoos on the head, face, neck, ears, scalp, hands or fingers.
    Any tattoo or brand anywhere on the body that is obscene, advocates sexual, racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination, or is detrimental to departmental order, discipline, or is of a nature that tends to bring discredit or harm upon the department is prohibited.
    Applicants and officers may not have intentional body mutilation; piercing, branding or intentional scarring that is excessive or eccentric.  For example, slits or forked tongues, enlarged or stretched ears or foreign objects under the skin are prohibited.
    No tattoos may visible when wearing an open-collar uniform shirt, or below the cuffs of the sleeves.  Current body art will be documented during and throughout the application process.

An Equal Opportunity Employer ~ Police - Community Partnership