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Human Trafficking and Vice Unit

​50 N. Alabama St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
“We are asking people to understand that slavery still exists today; in fact, according to a recent New York Times article, if you count the number of women and children in bonded labor, domestic slavery or sexual slavery today, there are more slaves in the world than at any other time in history.”  -Charlotte Bunch

The Human Trafficking and Vice Unit has recently experienced an influx of legitimate human trafficking cases right here in Indianapolis. Whether from recent ad campaigns causing better public awareness, surges in victim confidence in the law enforcement system, or any number of unknown causes, the detectives in the Human Trafficking and Vice Division of the IMPD have been finding and fighting for victims of this heinous crime, defined in (IC) code 35-42-3.5.

One of the ways in which the Human Trafficking and Vice Unit has been fighting human trafficking is by proactively seeking out victims through enforcement of prostitution and patronizing laws. In Indiana, according to Indiana Criminal (IC) code 35-45-4-2 it is illegal to agree to or perform a sex act in exchange for money or other goods or services. It is also illegal to patronize prostitution, which is defined in (IC) code 35-45-4-3 as offering money, goods or services or agreeing to pay any amount of money in exchange for sex acts.

The Human Trafficking  and Vice Unit also enforces laws related to prostitution such as Public Indecency (IC) code 35-45-4-1, Public Nudity, Promoting Prostitution and Voyeurism.

The detectives also investigate complaints related to gambling and illegal sales of alcohol.

The IMPD Human Trafficking and Vice Unit has chosen to publicly post photos of people arrested for the following crimes: Promotion of Human Trafficking, Promoting Prostitution, Patronizing Prostitution, Public Indecency and Prostitution. This is an effort to raise public awareness of IMPD's efforts to fight these crimes in the neighborhoods of Indianapolis/Marion County.    

The list of people on the following page have been charged with Promotion of Human Trafficking, Promoting Prostitution, Prostitution, Public Indecency or Patronizing Prostitution in the City of Indianapolis within the last two months. Their criminal cases are pending in court and their guilt or innocence on those charges has not yet been determined. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. IMPD will not post a picture of anyone who has been determined to be a victim of Human Trafficking.

Please follow this link to view the list of arrestees.