Family Support
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Family Support

What does it mean?

ADVISORY/Yellow Phase:Information only, members will receive a page or e-mail.

ALERT/Orange Phase: Upgraded situation/ possible deployment. Department Reps are called in to put a deployable list together of members that have deployable status and available. Family Support contacts made.

ACTIVATION/Red Phase: Team Deployed. Notified by pager and at cache site within 2 hours. Task Force is to be loaded and out the door in 4-6 hours.

Active Deployable Inactive:

Requirements Team Members must have: 80% of the members assigned team training, 3 out of the last 4 quarterly team training, and 16 hours of work detail. Some Specialties may have various additional requirements

Deployable: Has 80% or higher of each area of training, quarterlies and work details.

Active: Has some requirements but is fewer than 80%

Inactive: Does not have any requirements fulfilled for this current year.


When the team is called out they will travel by ground if their destination is under 1,500 miles, or by an Air Force/ National Guard plane if over 1,500 miles. When deployed the Task Force can be gone for up to 10 days.

Information When On A Deployment

Family Support has a few ways to pass on information:

  • A phone tree will also be set up and we will have a questionnaire that will tell us the best way to keep in contact with you.
  • We will also have a group e-mail that will have an update at least once a day.
  • We have requested that once the Task Force is out the door that they leave their pager at home with you. Please take the time now to learn how to use it. This will also be an important tool to contact someone in each family.
  • We are also working on updating the website for information. Please remember this is open to the public so it may not have every detail of the Task Force.

Depending on where the Task Force is deployed will make a difference on how much information we get from them. Remember the Task Force may not be able to communicate with us easily.