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On behalf of the Management Team of Indiana Task Force – 1, we would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to complete this application.

Applications will be accepted from full-time public safety first responders in the following counties: Marion, Boone, Hancock, Hamilton, Shelby, Johnson, Morgan, and Hendricks Counties.  Applications from first responders, who are volunteers, will not be accepted at this time.

Applicants need to understand that their agency will be required to sign a "Participating Agency Agreement" in 2005. At this time, the "Participating Agency Agreement" is under development and is expected to be completed by the Summer of 2005.  If an applicant's agency decides not to sign the "Participating Agency Agreement" when they become available, the applicant will be removed from the program.

Indiana Task Force – 1 (INTF1) is one of the twenty-eight Urban Search and Rescue Teams, which are scattered throughout the United States. INTF1 is an integral part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Homeland Security's Emergency Response Division.  Our primary mission is the removal of entrapped victims of a structural collapse. Other responses are to water rescue, wilderness search, and weapons of mass destruction emergencies.

INTF1 maintains a constant state of readiness. All applicants must understand that notification of an alert or activation means that they must report to the Point-of-Departure within one hour.  Successful applicants must have several means in which to receive notification of an alert or activation. All applicants must be available for a ten-day deployment. Team members who are deployed work under some of the worst working conditions.

Applicants must understand that upon selection, they will be required to attend division or team training sessions, simulated deployments, and occasional work details to maintain a deployable status. All of this required training is non-compensated by the City of Indianapolis, Indiana Task Force – 1, or Federal Emergency Management Agency.

All applicants must understand that as a Division of Homeland Security, they are subject to a complete personal and criminal background investigation.

When submitting an application, a brief resume and two written peer recommendations are required. Please include copies of any training certificates which are applicable to your desired position.

Applicants will need to select a first and second choice team position from the vacancy listing at the time of application. Applicants will be interviewed for the primary team position. If the applicant is denied a first choice, they will be interviewed for their secondary choice position.

All applications will be considered. Applicants must understand that team selection is based upon your application, interviews, and the completion of any required Division/Team training.

Current Vacancies as of January 28, 2005:

  • Rescue Specialist: 12 Positions
  • Hazardous Materials Specialist: 13 Positions
  • Logistics Specialist: 5 Positions
  • Plans Officer: 5 Positions
  • Technical Information Specialist: 5 Positions
  • Safety Officer: 2 Positions
  • Support Specialist I: 10 Positions
  • Support Specialist II: 10 Positions

Urban Search and Rescue Task Force Application Process


To provide directions for applying for and participating on the Federal Emergency Management Agency's National Urban Search and Rescue Task Force based in Indianapolis.


Personnel from INTF-1 regional agencies, sponsoring or participating agencies, and/or personnel with specific expertise in specialty positions interested in participating on the National Urban Search and Rescue Task Force INTF-1 may do so by completing the following:

Phase One:
  1. Visit the job description page to review the description and qualifications for each position.
  2. Determine a position for which you feel you are qualified. Potential applicants must be a US citizen, hold a valid driver's license, and have no felony convictions.
  3. Background checks will be conducted.
  4. Submit an Application Information Form, Resume, and/or report of qualifications including current certifications for the desired position to:

    Indiana Task Force - 1 Application Manager
    8309 North Perimeter Road
    Indianapolis, Indiana  46241
  5. Potential applicants do not need to meet all position qualifications to submit for a task force application, but should have verifiable work experience and/or training that provide an appropriate scope of knowledge for the position.
  6. Current certificates of training or education are required!
Phase Two:

Upon receipt of a completed Application Information Form, resume, and supporting documentation, the Task Force Application Manager shall:

  1. Review the potential applicant's information form, resume, and/or report of qualifications, including current certifications, for the position desired
  2. Determine if the information provided meets minimum scope of knowledge guidelines.
  3. If the applicant meets the minimum scope of knowledge the Application Manager will forward a Phase Two Application packet to qualified personnel.
  4. The applicant has 14 calendar days to return the Phase Two Application packet to the INTF-1 Application Manager at the address listed above in item four. After 30 calendar days, the application will become invalid and the application will be removed from consideration.
  5. If the applicant does not meet scope of knowledge requirements, the resume' and/or report of qualifications will be returned with a short explanation.
Phase Three:

Upon receipt of a completed Phase Two Application:

  1. The application will be reviewed for required information.
  2. The application will be forwarded for review at the next scheduled INTF-1 Operations Working Group meeting.
  3. The Operations Working Group shall approve or deny acceptance to the task force.
  4. The applicant shall be notified of the disposition of their application.
  5. Applicants who are accepted will be notified and be categorized at the Probationary Candidate level.
  6. Applicants who are denied shall be notified with explanation.

Upon acceptance to the task force, the applicant:

  1. Will be required to submit to a health physical provided by the task force.
  2. Shall provide proof of immunizations required for deployment.
  3. Shall be scheduled to receive task force issued personal equipment.
  4. Shall receive a schedule of required training to be eligible for deployment.