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Board Of Public Works

The Board of Public Works normally meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month and consist of the Director of DPW, three Mayor appointed members and three Council appointed members. The Board staff also consists of legal counsel and a secretary.

Current Board Members

Andy Lutz, Chair
200 E. Washington Street
City-County Building, Room 2460
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317-327-7837 (W)
317-327-4954 (Fax)

Robert Parrin
620 Forest Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46240-2583
317-490-6715 (W)

Laura Sniadecki
25th E McCarty Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225
317-632-8315 (W)
317-632-8322 (Fax)

Dennis Rosebrough
7638 Ballinshire N. Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46254
317-233-5323 (W)

Henry Williams

Gregory Garrett

5108 Eastbourne Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46226
317-441-2936 (C)

Neil Bloede