Specifications & Manuals
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Specifications & Manuals

​Street Change Policy

Residents and/or neighborhood associations desiring to request changes affecting their streets such as parking changes, travel direction, installation of speed humps, etc. should refer to the following policy.

Street Change Policy and Petition​

Resident Parking Policy Procedure 

General Specifications and Manuals

General Conditions for Construction Contracts- July 1, 2012

General Conditions for Construction Contracts- May 1, 2013​

RPR Construction Inspection Manual and Forms​​

Drafting Standards

GIS Digital Data Submission Standards

Effective for quotes on and after February 8, 2017 and bids on and after February 9,2017Quality Control Sampling and Testing  Frequency Manual

For existing quotes and bids through February 2, 2017​Quality Control Sampling and Testing Frequency Manual 

​​Roadway and Bridge Specifications and Manuals

Roadway and Bridge Standards

Policies and Procedures Manual for Locally Funded Resurfacing Projects

Traffic Signal Drawings

Sanitary Sewer and Storm W​ater Specifications and Manuals

Citizens Energy Group (CEG)  is responsible for the sanitary sewer system, please visit the CEG website​ to view sanitary standards. ​

2011 Storm Water Design and Construction Specifications Manual 

Design Memos

Notice of Survey

Quarterly Reports

Curb Ramps

Stay in Place Metal Forms

Bridge Clearance

Detectable Warning Details

Curb Ramp Pay Items

Multi-Use Path Grade

Plan Revisions​

Floodplain Permits
-- ​Floodplain Permit Application​

Project Coordination

Pay Items for Contracts Bid by the City
-- Sample BID-3 form​

​​Use of Dual-Walled High-Density Polypropylene Pipe​