ICU Procedures
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ICU Procedures

ICU panelThe ICU panel to the right is what you see when you fuel your vehicle at any of the city's automated fuel sites. The following are steps the user will normally go through to activate a pump.

  1. The prompt in the ICU display reads "ENTER PUMP NO."  Enter the pump number you need and press the "Enter" key.

  2. The next prompt is "SWIPE VEHICLE CARD."  Slide the BLACK vehicle card through (or insert the card in) the card reader on the front panel.

  3. The next prompt on the display is "ENTER METER."  Enter the odometer reading of your vehicle (or hour meter if vehicle is so equipped) and press "Enter."  DO NOT INCLUDE TENTHS OF A MILE!

  4. Some city vehicles require a user to have a RED employee card.  If yours is one of these, the next prompt you see will be "SWIPE EMPLOYEE CARD."  Run the RED employee card through the card reader just like you did the vehicle card. If your vehicle does not require an employee card, you will not see this prompt.

  5. The next prompt on the display is "PUMP READY."  Proceed to the pump and fuel your vehicle.

In the event that you get any other prompt than those listed above and you are at a major site, pick up the telephone handset in the booth for immediate assistance.  If you encounter trouble at a minor site, make a note of the trouble and call the Fuel Section office at 327-2726 to report the problem.