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Get Involved​​

Come help us steward our natural areas! We regularly work with awesome volunteers to help clear invasive species and trash from our parks, as well as help with plantings, trails, or other amenities. You can attend one of our events, take action on your own property, or learn more about our vision at the Indianapolis Parks Foundation website. Join our mailing list or check back here to keep up with our activities.​​
Volunteer Opportunities
Strike Teams
Interested in helping to protect natural areas from harmful invasive species? Join the Strike Team Volunteers! Most natural areas experience pressure from invasive species such as bush honeysuckle, garlic mustard, and winter creeper. A Strike Team is a group of dedicated volunteers that don’t mind getting their hands dirty cutting, pulling and/or spraying these invasive species in target areas. Volunteer opportunities occur at least monthly, and no routine commitment is necessary – help when you can. Sign up for Strike Team events and locations by contacting Brenda Howard,
Site Stewards – Coming Soon
Interested in helping make sure natural areas are regularly monitored and maintained? Join the Site Steward Volunteers! Natural areas are always changing, and it can be helpful to have more eyes on the ground identifying maintenance needs, downed or dangerous trees, new invasive species threats, erosion problems, needed infrastructure improvements, or other concerns and ideas. Site Stewards commit to walking their preferred (‘adopted’) property at least monthly and submitting a checklist report to Land Stewardship staff. Sign up for Site Steward locations by contacting Jacob Brinkman,
Pollinator Protectors Program – Coming in 2018
Interested in protecting pollinators? One thing you can do right now is visit and take a Pollinator Protection action pledge. Soon, other opportunities will be available to help support pollinator efforts in our natural areas as well. Pollinator program planning efforts are underway to develop educational programming, establish and keep active hives, and produce local honey that will be used to support ongoing stewardship activities.
On Your Own Property
Plant Natives
Native plants offer so many benefits over more typical landscaping designs and manicured lawns. Consider rethinking your own landscaping to incorporate native plants. Individual properties with native plantings help patch together habitat for birds and pollinators across our City’s landscape, linking larger natural area properties like ours to habitat in your own yard. This is important for supporting biodiversity, maintaining urban wildlife, and protecting local water resources.
Control Invasive Plants on Your Own Property
Many invasive species persist because they are well established on private property. You can help cut down the spread of these plants by making sure they are unwelcome in your own yard.
Wipe Your Boots
Seeds are easily moved from site to site by getting stuck in mud that is carried away on boot soles. If you are visiting one of our properties—or any other natural area—be sure you aren’t tracking in unwanted seeds.
The Indianapolis Parks Foundation
The Indianapolis Parks Foundations accepts donations on their website for many types of park improvements, including the work performed by the Office of Land Stewardship.
​Donations help us continue our maintenance regimes, including controlling invasive species and restoring critical habitats. This constitutes about 80% of our budget. We also use our funding to acquire new property and improve amenities on those properties.
Our Vision: We will grow, restore, protect, and manage natural areas in Indianapolis in order to increase the ecological services they provide, provide high-quality passive recreation opportunities, and foster a conservation ethic through our programs that will inspire current and future generations to steward these special places. ​

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  • Indianapolis Office of Land Stewardship
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