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​RebuildIndy receives many requests for infrastructure improvements. The following are the tools used to determine which projects are selected.

1. TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT: Third party engineers utilize a pavement index in order to determine the quality of a road. This objective method of analysis is completed by external engineers. There is also an index used to determine the condition of sidewalks. DPW engineers also make assessments daily as to the condition of a pavement.

2. PUBLIC INPUT: Requests are received from Indianapolis residents by the Mayor's Action Center and the Mayor's Neighborhood Liaisons. Those requests are then routed to DPW for evaluation. These requests impact what streets are chosen.

3. COUNCILLOR INPUT: DPW has a tradition of requesting lists from sitting councillors each year as to which projects they would like to see done in that council district. Councillors are sometimes able to choose one project over another in that district. The DPW Director has also spent time touring various council districts with each councillor as available. This helps to ensure that the agency and the councillor are on the same page with requests and priorities.

4. REBUILDINDY MEETINGS: Since RebuildIndy launched in May 2010, a number of public open houses and neighborhood meeting presentations have been held soliciting input on projects. 

A website and email address ( have been set up to receive constituent requests and a number of them have resulted in amended project plans or additional streets segments being added to a project, as budget and timing allowed.