Abandoned Housing
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Unmaintained properties pose a threat to surrounding homes, neighborhoods and ultimately our City’s public safety. In addition to being structurally unsafe, abandoned and vacant properties often lure criminal activity.

Approximately 1,200 abandoned homes are currently affirmed for removal. In order to preserve and enhance the safety of our community, the City of Indianapolis is committed to removing 2,000 abandoned homes by the end of 2012.  

The Indy Land Bank seeks to acquire abandoned proprieties within Marion County and make them available for redevelopment. Through the Indy Land Bank, the City of Indianapolis will return troubled properties to productive and viable use, eliminate safety problem areas and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.


Public input is essential to making sure that abandoned homes throughout the City are identified and properly addressed. Upon receiving notice of problem properties, the Health & Hospital Corporation inspects each property and works with the Department of Code Enforcement to enforce repair orders.



Abandoned Homes Removal Process

1. Report a problem property by calling the Health & Hospital Corporation at 221-2000.
2. An enforcement inspector will visit the property within five days.
3. A violation notification is sent to the owner within two days of inspection.
4. The property is re-inspected within 14 days.
5. A violation is confirmed for a vacant property.
6. Vacant building enforcement hearings are held within 45 days.
7. A repair order or demolition order is given within 45 days.
8. The abandoned home will be demolished.