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Q: When will my street be plowed?
A: We plow and de-ice City streets according to a three-tier priority system. Priority one streets are addressed first, followed by priority two. Priority three residential streets are only addressed in snowfalls of six inches or more. This allows us to focus on Indy’s most vital roadways first, and then move on to other routes.

Q: Why don’t I see Indy Snow Force trucks on interstates?
A: Indy Snow Force is a part of the Indianapolis Department of Public Works. Our mission is to maintain City and County roadways. Interstates and state highways are maintained by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).

Q: Who is responsible for clearing sidewalks?
A: City code mandates that home and business owners are responsible for clearing their own sidewalks and access ramps. This allows our team to stay focused on Indy’s roadways.

Q: As a resident with disabilities, who should I contact to request snow removal from my sidewalk?
A: Senior residents and residents with disabilities should contact Connect 2 Help at 211 for assistance. Mayor Ballard encourages business owners and residents who are able to consider others by shoveling the walks of neighboring seniors and residents with disabilities.

Q: Why hasn’t my neighborhood street been plowed?
A: We use a priority system to determine the order in which streets are plowed. The City does not plow residential streets unless there is a snowfall of 6” or more.

Q: How can I request placing my street on a snow route so the street can be salted?
A: Each City street has already been placed on a snow route according to the Snow Plow Priority System. Residential streets are plowed (not salted) in snowfall events of 6 inches or more.

Q:  What should I do if snow blocks my driveway after Indy Snow Force plows my street?
A: Per City ordinance, it is the responsibility of residents and businesses to clear sidewalks and drives in front of their properties. Seniors and residents with disabilities should contact Connect 2 Help at 211 for assistance.

Q: How do I report snow blocking my bus stop or passenger waiting area?
A: Residents and property owners are responsible for snow removal on their sidewalks and are encouraged to clear snow from surrounding bus stops and waiting areas.  Residents with questions or needing assistance should call IndyGo Customer Service Center at (317) 635.3344.

Q: What should I do as a business owner to request snow removal on the sidewalk in front of my business?
A: Per City ordinance, it is the responsibility of residents and businesses to clear sidewalks and drives in front of their properties. Businesses and residents can feel good about being good corporate citizens and neighborhood stewards when they understand the shared responsibility during snow events and pitch in to do their parts.

Q: How much pollution does Indy Snow Force contribute to the environment?
A: Despite the large amount of equipment we’ve dedicated to the job, our environmental impact is relatively small. The Indy Snow Force boasts 37 trucks outfitted with diesel particulate filters (DPFs) that can reduce pollution by up to 90%. We’ve also designed our plow and de-ice routes to cut down on overlap, so we make the most of every last drop of fuel. In addition, best practice methods of control and output of salt minimizes the impact of salt run-off on plants and greenery and into rivers and streams.

Q: Who should I contact if I need emergency medical help due to a snow event?
A: If you are in need of emergency assistance of any type, call 911 for immediate help. Residents with disabilities, or those who may need medical, or health related assistance in non-emergency situations such as transportation, or medication pick-up should please contact Connect 2 Help at 211, or 926 – HELP (926 – 4357). Residents may also visit www.Connect2Help.org for more information.