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​Our team is even stronger when you're a part of it.

When ice and snow are a part of the forecast, we'll be a part of the scenery. Our white Indy Snow Force trucks will be working night and day to keep Indianapolis moving safely. You can help the effort by doing a few common sense things:

When you see an Indy Snow Force plow truck, give it plenty of room to operate and use patience. Our trucks plow at slow speeds because it's the most effective way to remove snow.

Familiarize yourself with our snow removal action plan so you'll know which streets will be plowed first.

Obey all parking restrictions. when initiated, these restrictions allow us to most effectively clear streets. If possible, don't park on city streets when heavy snowfall is predicted. That means smoother traffic flow and fewer "plowed in" vehicles.

Be vigilant. Find a way to help out the elderly and/or neighbors with disabilities. They'll appreciate  your extra efforts.

If you own a four-wheel drive vehicle, you could be a real lifesaver. Offer to take homebound neighbors to doctor appointments or to pickup important supplies like medicine or groceries.

Remember, its not just streets that need cleared. Shovel the sidewalks, driveway entrances, and access ramps in front of your home or business so school kids, mail carriers, and pedestrians can walk safely.

When clearing parking lots, do not pile snow in accessible parking spaces. Those spaces are needed for those with disabilities to safely access your business or services.