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A message from Mayor Greg Ballard:

Snow is a part of life in the Midwest. At the City of Indianapolis, we're committed to removing it effectively and efficiently - and we've made a serious effort to back up that commitment with Indy Snow Force.

Indianapolis residents are renowned for their hospitality and spirit of giving; especially when facing challenges. Your help is also needed in keeping our streets and community safe during winter weather.

Organize folks in your neighborhoods; work with neighborhood associations, community and youth groups to keep sidewalks, school crosswalks, parking spaces and fire hydrants clear. Check on aging and/or neighbors with disabilities when you can to ensure their safety. Be considerate of young children and at risk citizens when clearing away snow.

Businesses and building managers can help by shoveling adjacent sidewalks and bus stops.

When navigating difficult weather conditions, consideration for others and good sense can prove the difference in keeping roads, residents and commuters safe. By exercising patience and being considerate and working together to help your neighbor, we can get through anything. The more we pitch in and work together, the better for everyone.

And remember, never hesitate to contact the Mayor's Action Center (MAC) at 327-4MAC to request city services.

Indy Snow Force is a division of the Indianapolis Department of Public Works. Our mission, and obsession, is making Indy's streets as safe as possible when snow and ice hit. At the heart of Indy Snow Force is our fleet of 106 vehicles - including 73 new plow trucks. Beyond that are 180 drivers and a whole host of additional equipment, support staff and supplies.

Because we're a city organization (and not a state entity), we focus on the roadways Indy's residents depend on most. You'll see our white trucks on city streets before, during and after winter's worst weather hits. ​