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The Department of Public Works (DPW) Operations Division is responsible for snow and ice control in Marion County, managing approximately 7,300 lane miles. About 3,200 of those miles are main thoroughfares in the city.

Residential lane miles include an additional 4,100 lane miles which are cleared using contractors when snow/ice accumulates more than 6 inches.

DPW is also responsible for clearing ADA-accessible ramps and removing snow within the Downtown Mile Square. 

Crews plow and treat the City’s greenways trails as well as parking areas and walking paths at Indy Parks properties.​


Stay ahead of the storm by following Snow Force on Twitter or see real-time crew updates on the Indy Snow Force Viewer.



1. MAJOR THOROUGHFARES: Snow Force begins plowing major city streets (thoroughfares) first because they are the link to fire, police and other emergency services. Many Indy residents and commuters depend on these streets daily, especially during rush hour. Examples: Keystone Avenue, Washington Street and Fall Creek Parkway

2. SECONDARY STREETS: Roads in this category feed into our primary routes but are not as heavily traveled. Examples: Southeastern Avenue, Mithoeffer Road and Ditch Road​

3. RESIDENTIAL AREAS: When the city receives 6 inches or more of snow, DPW activates contractors to plow residential areas. Residential streets are not salted and contractors do not plow in areas where Homeowner Associations provide snow removal service.