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Stormwater User Rate & Credit Manual

The 2016 stormwater user fee rate adjustment allows Indy DPW to address more of the infrastructure improvements that Indy citizens request. The new, more equitable method of calculating each property's stormwater user fee matches a higher user fee rate to properties that create a higher amount of stormwater runoff. In this way, properties that create less stormwater runoff are also paying less in stormwater user fees.

Below, you'll find information about the new stormwater user fee rate and the opportunity to apply for a credit using the Stormwater User Fee Credit Manual​.

 You can view your fee and the amount of impervious surface on your property using our online tool here.

What does the City use the rate for?

The City can use the stormwater user fee to  address the $320 million in storm water capital infrastructure needs and better maintain the existing system.  An updated stormwater master plan, including a high priority list with $81 million in projects to be completed through 2018, will accomplish the following:

  • Alleviate neighborhood and street flooding that plagues residents and impedes business development
  • Improve water quality in our rivers and streams by improving neighborhood drainage
  • Improve impervious infrastructure, such as streets and sidewalks, that is damaged by standing water
  • Resolve many drainage complaints

How does the City calculate the fee for each parcel?

From Indianapolis-Marion County Code, Title I, Chapter 131, Article IV, Division 2, Sections 131-425: "The monthly stormwater user fee  is calculated by  utilizing the measured impervious area (IA) for each parcel and assigning the parcel to a group assigned one (1) base billing unit (BBU) or a multiple of BBUs following the convention​:

1—1,000 square feet of measured IA is assigned one (1) BBU;

1,001—2,000 square feet of measured IA is assigned two (2) BBUs;

2,001—3,000 square feet of measured IA is assigned three (3) BBUs and progressing in a manner such that each additional 1,000 square foot unit of IA is assigned an additional BBU.

BBUs shall be assigned to each parcel proportional to each one thousand-square foot increment of IA contained on the parcel." Effective January 2016, the $ rate per BBU ( each BBU is 1000 square feet of impervious surface area) is $1.15.

​What is impervious surface area?

Impervious surface area is any area that has been paved and/or covered with buildings and materials that include, but are not limited to, concrete, asphalt, rooftop and blacktop, such that the infiltration of storm water into the soil is prevented or impeded. Impervious area includes gravel driveways, private roadways, parking lots and similar areas designed or used for vehicular traffic.

Can I apply for a stormwater credit?

You might be wondering how to apply for a credit toward your property's stormwater user fee. The Frequently Asked Questions fact sheet will answer basic questions on the Stormwater Credit Manual​ and how it relates to both the Green Supplemental Document and the Stormwater Design & Construction Specification Manual.

This presentation will guide you through the Stormwater Credit Manual by showing you what kinds of credits are available for whom, and how you can apply.

DPW hosted two public meetings on the Storm Water Credit Manual and Green Infrastructure Supplemental Document in July 2015. A recording of the first of these meetings is available here.

Those contemplating land alteration within Indianapolis/Marion County should click the link for the Stormwater Design and Construction Specification Manual, containing information on engineering design and construction regulation standards for proper stormwater management.

If you have questions about the  Stormwater User Rate, email or call (317) 327-2015.