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0- 2 Year Plan

The City has planned for an additional 37.88 miles of on-street bike lanes over the next two years.  The Cold Springs Road bike lanes were funded through the City’s sanitary sewer section construction projects.  The Illinois Street/Capitol Avenue will be funded through a public/private partnership with a Federal TE grant and a private family foundation providing the match. The Lafayette Road & Madison Avenue/Shelby Street bike lanes will be funded through a Department of Energy Grant for design, construction and inspection.  The 46th Street, 52nd Street, and 10th Street segments will be constructed as part of resurfacing projects.  The 22nd Street, Broad Ripple Avenue, East Street, and Prospect/Southeastern Avenue segments have not been funded to this point but potential sources have been identified and are being pursued.

• Illinois Street/Capitol Avenue – 4.63/5.63 miles – 16th Street & New York Street to Canal Towpath
• Lafayette Road – 9.46 miles – 71st Street to West New York Street
• Madison Avenue/Shelby ​Street bike lanes – 8.14 miles – Virginia Avenue (Shelby Street) to County Line Road (Madison Avenue)
• Broad Ripple Avenue – 1.02 miles – Monon Trail to Keystone Avenue (2011)
• 22nd Street – 0.25 miles – Monon Trail to College Avenue (2011)
• Prospect Avenue/Southeastern Avenue – 3.10 miles – Shelby Street to Southeastern Avenue; Southeastern Avenue – Prospect Avenue to Pleasant Run Greenway (2011)
• East Street – 0.99 miles – Morris Street to Raymond Street (2011)
• Cold Springs Road – 0.28 miles – Granada Circle to 30th Street (Fall 2011)
• 46th Street – 1.26 miles – College Avenue to Keystone Avenue (June 2011)
• 46th Street – 2.03 miles – Keystone Avenue to Emerson Avenue (August 2011)
• 10th Street – 0.81 miles – I-465 to Lynhurst Drive (July 2011)
• 52nd Street – 0.28 miles – Monon Trail to College Avenue (August 2011)