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2 - 5 Year Plan

Currently, the City of Indianapolis has 27.28 miles of on-street bike lanes planned for the Southeastern Avenue, 46th Street, 71st Street, Westlane Road, and West 10th Street Corridors.  This phase of the BikeWays plan is not funded and will become priority once previous phases are developed.

• Southeastern Avenue – 6.4 miles – New York Street (College Avenue) to I – 74
• Southeastern Avenue – 3.6 miles – Franklin Road to Acton Road
• 46th Street – 3.01 miles – Emerson Avenue to Franklin Road
• 10th Street/Cossell Road/Michigan Street – 7.53 miles – Raceway Road to White River Parkway West Drive
• 71st Street/Westlane Road – 4.34 miles – Lafayette Road to Michigan Road
• Westlane Road/71st Street/College Avenue/75th Street – 2.40 miles – Hoover Road to Meridian Hills Boulevard to 71st Street to College Avenue to 75th Street to the Monon Trail