5 - 10 Year Plan
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5 - 10 Year Plan

Currently, the City of Indianapolis has 46.92 miles of on-street bike lanes planned for the 56th Street, 30th Street, Minnesota Street, Delaware St/Central Avenue, and Edgewood Avenue corridors.  This phase of the BikeWays plan is not funded and will become priority once previous phases are developed.

• 56th Street/Coope​r Road/Fox Hill Road/Illinois Street bike lanes – 5.12 miles – Guion Road to Cooper Road to 60th Street to Fox Hill Road to Illinois Street to Westfield Boulevard
• 30th Street – 3.92 miles – Franklin Road to Carroll Road
• North Perimeter Road/Pierson Drive/Minnesota Street/Harding Street/Morris Street/Kentucky Avenue/South Street – 9.70 miles – Bridgeport Road to Capitol Avenue
• Camby Road/Reynolds Road/Southport Road/Banta Road/Edgewood Avenue – 21.64 miles – Raceway Road to I – 74

• Delaware Street/Central Avenue/Washington Blvd/Fort Wayne
Avenue/Alabama Street – 6.54 miles (one-way pairs) – Central Canal Towpath to New York Street