Rules & Ordinances
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Rules & Ordinances

State Laws

According to Indiana Vehicle Code ​Section 9-21-11-2, "A person riding a bicycle upon a roadway has all the rights and duties under this article that are applicable to a person who drives a vehicle."

View the complete Indiana Code, Chapter 11. Bicycles and Motorized Bicycles for a detailed description of all applicable stated laws.  This information is maintained by the Office of Code Revisions Indiana Legislative Services Agency.

City Ordinances

Bike lanes are to be used exclusively for bicycles unless signs specifically allow joint use with pedestrians.

Motorists must yield the right-of-way to bicyclists on designated paths and sidewalks.

Standing and parking on bike paths is prohibited pursuant to City Ordinance Sec. 441-373​

Drivers must leave a minimum distance of 3 feet when passing cyclists.