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Green House Gases (GHGs) are naturally present in the earth’s atmosphere but carbon emission from such things as the burning of fossil fuels creates unwanted GHGs.

Three fourths of the carbon emissions from human activities are due to the combustion of fossil fuels; the rest is caused by changes in land use, principally deforestation. Global energy consumption is projected to rise 60 percent over the next 20 years.

The City is doing its part to reduce its green house gas emissions. All of the programs and projects undertaken by the Office of Sustainability are intended to help reduce carbon emissions at the local level.

There are also many ways that individuals and can reduce their carbon emissions to add up to even a greater reduction of GHGs:

  1. Increasing the urban forest by planting trees in your community
  2. Carpooling instead of driving alone
  3. Using fuel efficient vehicle
  4. Increasing the use of mass transit systems such as IndyGo
  5. Walking or riding your bike when you have a short distance to travel