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Urban Gardening

The Office of Sustainability is spearheading efforts to promote urban gardening and sustainable agricultural initiatives. The goal of 50 urban gardens by the end of 2011 was exceeded, and at the end of 2012, that figure had jumped to 105. An urban garden is an area used to grow food in an urban setting. This can be accomplished in your own backyard, somewhere in your neighborhood or in a broader context. Urban gardens are distinct from those growing food in a traditional rural farm setting, but offers a way for urban people and neighborhoods to produce a food supply close to home. Many gardens are cropping up in vacant urban lots, at schools, churches and community centers to provide both food and educational opportunities for citizens of all ages.

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Horse Shoe Harvest Urban Garden

Urban gardening is a valuable way to promote sustainable agriculture, economic development and community building. Sustainable agriculture is based on the idea that we can meet the basic food needs of the present population without compromising the needs of future generations. Urban gardening helps local communities focus on practices that advance environmental well-being, economic profitability and social/economic equity.

Why create an urban garden? Locally grown produce supports Indianapolis communities, ensures high-quality and freshness, allows for greater variety, reduces transit time from field to table and creates a deeper connection with our food.

So what can you do to support urban agriculture?

1. Get involved in a community garden
2. Find a farmers' market in your area
3. Join a community supported agriculture program
4. Set up your own backyard garden

How the City is involved?

The Office of Sustainability is actively developing new ways to bring city residents together in order to advance urban agriculture. Connecting people with healthy, fresh food through gatherings of farmers' markets, urban gardeners and interested city dwellers is a priority for improving quality of life for the City of Indianapolis.