Indy Greenways
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Indy Greenways Master Plan

Indy Greenways

Indianapolis is home to 60 miles of greenway trails that connect neighborhoods and people to parks, attractions and amenities all across the city.

Greenways serve as an alternative mode of transportation that save people money and help to protect the environment. Greenways also provide many recreational opportunities for residents and families in communities across Marion County.

The City is engaged in a strategic planning process to determine the next phase of planning for Indy's Greenways system.

The Greenways Master Plan is a collaborative effort between residents, business owners, community groups and multiple agencies of city government to determine the next steps in building and maintain a world class greenway and trail system.

The plan focuses on:

Connections And Community

Indianapolis is more connected now than ever. How can the greenway system connect Indianapolis’ neighborhoods to places people work and places they want to go? How can the greenways provide both a functional transportation role as well as a recreational role? How can the greenways system become a part of the daily lives of our residents?

Public Access And Service

Where should future greenways be developed and how can they be connected to populated areas to broaden access to the system?

Integration With Other Initiatives

How can greenways integrate with the development of bike facilities, the regional bike and pedestrian plan, the Reconnecting to our Waterways initiative, and other community initiatives? How can greenways enhance the city’s public transportation system and how can they be incorporated into future transit expansion?

Economic Development

Greenways create jobs. How can the greenways foster economic growth, connect to commercial centers and grow as an economic asset?


How can the City, community and neighborhood groups, business owners and residents work together to grow, enhance and maintain the greenways system?

Sustaining A World-Class Trail And Greenway System

The presence and quality of the City’s trails and greenways is a contributing factor to attracting people to Indianapolis.  How can the greenways contribute to promoting Indianapolis as a world class city and attract young professionals and entrepreneurs to the city?

How to get involved

Review and give feedback on the Indy Greenways Full Circle Plan

Public comment period is open from March 10 - April 4

Central Canal Towpath
Eagle Creek Trail
Fall Creek Trail
Little Buck Creek Trail
Monon Trail
Pennsy Trail
Pleasant Run Trail
Pogues Run Trail
White River Wapahani Trail
2002 Indy Greenways Master Plan