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On August 24, 2016, Mayor Joe Hogsett welcomed attendees to the Indiana Climate Leadership Summit with the declaration that Indianapolis will take action on climate change,

"For not only are we No Mean City, we are No Cowardly City."

The City of Indianapolis will begin climate action at the neighborhood level by hosting its first Climathon event, entitled INvision Resiliency. Climathon is a global movement that brings together the challenges of the world's cities with the people who have the passion and ability to solve them (think: civic hack for climate change). 

During an intensive 24-hour problem-solving workshop at IUPUI on October 28, INvision Resiliency will challenge participants to build a toolkit for our neighborhoods that increases their ability to flourish in the face of change. 

Do you think you have the passion and ability to INvision Resiliency? Join us starting at 10am on October 28th. Apply here

Don't have 24 hours to commit but still want to be involved? Become an INvision Resiliency sponsor or sign up to volunteer​. Volunteer shifts can be as short as 4 hours.

From June-August, 2016, the Office of Sustainability conducted a resident survey on Indianapolis Solid Waste Services and opinions on recycling. The survey summary can be found at the link below. 

Residents are encouraged to continue sending their suggestions to for consideration.​