Drop-off Locations
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Drop-off Locations​​

All around town, often located in shopping center parking lots or other convenient locations, you will find large green or blue Recycle Indianapolis Drop-Off containers with a city logo. You can place your recyclable items into any of these recycling containers free of charge. The drop-off sites accept all colors of glass, No. 1 – No. 7 plastic containers (except Styrofoam), aluminum, tin, steel beverage and food cans, newspapers, magazines and plastic bags (grocery store style).

NOTE:  Please, remove all recyclables from plastic trash bags before depositing them into the drop-off containers. Plastic trash bags contaminate the load and make it difficult and expensive for the recycling facility workers to get the materials prepared for market and productive reuse. If you transport recyclables in plastic trash bags, remove them at the site and reuse them again for your next load.

Sam’s Club, 3015 W. 86th St.
Sahm Park, 6801 E. 91st St.
Kroger, 9835 Fall Creek Rd.
Broad Ripple Park, Evanston Street Entrance
VNS/Regions Bank, 4701 N. Keystone Ave.
Northwestway Park, 62nd & Moller Rd.
Double 8 Foods, 555 Fairfield

Southwestway Park, 8400 S. Mann Rd.
Beck Service Center, 6025 Madison Ave.
Garfield Park, 2345 Pagoda Dr.
Kroger, 5325 E. Thompson Rd.

Kroger, 10450 E. Washington St.
Indy Island, 8425 E. Raymond St.
John Marshall Community High School
Brookside Park, 3500 Brookside Pkwy. S. Dr.
Marsh Supermarkets, 11625 Fox Rd.
Kroger, 11101 Pendleton Pike
Irvington Plaza, 6243 E. Washington St.
Kroger, 5810 E. 71st Street

Kroger, 5026 Crawfordsville Rd.
Kroger, 8150 Rockville Rd.
Rhodius Park, 1720 W. Wilkins St.
Marsh Supermarket, 3633 Kentucky Ave

Marsh, 320 N. New Jersey


​For more information on Drop-off locations: