2011 Sustainability Report
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2011 Sustainability Annual Report

The third annual Sustainability Report to our Community offer a detailed account of the status of sustainability in Indianapolis and the vision that will lead the city forward.  The Office of Sustainability continues to make progress with our mission to incorporate sustainable  practices throughout City of Indianapolis operations, as well as promote sustainable alternatives to homeowners and businesses that often have bigger rewards than traditional solutions.

A few highlights from the 2011 report include:

  • First green roof installed on city property
  • The Green Checklist was developed to require engineers to evaluate each project for possible green elements
  • 55 percent increase in curbside recycling subscriptions via successful PILOT program
  • City-County Building retrofits will save $750,000 annually
  • Grand opening of the Indy Bike Hub YMCA

By highlighting our progress and keeping the community educated on ways to embrace these practices, we increase all of our efforts to save energy, reduce costs, improve connectivity, reduce pollution and become one of the most sustainable communities in the Midwest

View the full 2011 Sustainability Report