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Small amounts of mercury are commonly used in the home in thermometers, thermostats and fluorescent lighting.  Although mercury is a toxic substance, it is not hazardous when found in a sealed device.  The danger to public health and the environment arises when mercury-containing items are broken and discarded in the trash, or broken after being discarded in the trash.

In Marion County, disposing of mercury containing items is easy! Residents can drop-off these bulbs at one of the city's ToxDrop locations.

Common Mercury-containing items
Elemental Mercury Mercury Vapor Bulbs
U-Bulbs Mercury Manometers
Fluroescent Lamps High Intensity Discharge Bulbs
U-tuber Thermometers Mercury Blood Pressure Gauges
Compact Fluorescent Lamps Neon Bulbs
Mercury Thermostats Mercury Barometers
Mercuric Oxide Batteries Metal Halide Bulbs
Mercury Thermometers