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Because water and land touch the lives our citizens daily, The City of Indianapolis is committed to improving the quality of our water and land through innovative programming and initiatives. Important to the City’s effort is the education of its citizenry and action in partnerships toward cleaner land and water. The City works closely with neighborhoods and other stakeholders on careful planning and meaningful implementation to, not just improve our environment, but to bring associated economic development and increased quality of life to all citizens.

We interact with water every day in many ways. Similarly, we interact with land as it conveys water, provides foundation and supplies nutrients. The quality of water and land are closely tied together and are two of the largest determinants to health and safety in the City. It is therefore critical to protect, conserve and continually seek to improve these valuable resources. To achieve this, every individual and business must carefully consider the impact of their actions, and work, in partnership with the City, to keep clean and improve our land and water resources.

There are some simple things that citizens can to do to help improve the local water quality.  Green infrastructure, like planting native trees, creating rain gardens and installing rain barrels are just a few ways that you can positively impact the water quality in our City’s rivers and streams. Citizens can also conserve water and contribute to a sustainable Indianapolis by installing low-flow faucets and toilets, turning off the water while brushing your teeth and fixing even small leaks. Using green infrastructure, along with practicing water conservation will go a long way towards improving our waterways, our environment and our quality of life.

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