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Curriculum for air quality lesson plans
​Education Knozone

​Knozone is constantly making efforts to educate the public on the importance of air quality and how to make sure you KNO how to do your part to help reduce pollutant air emissions. One way the program does this is by educating the future generations and making sure they know the importance of air quality. Knozone has created educational curriculum for elementary grade children  K-5 on air quality. Teachers will be able to sign up for the curriculum that will include enough information to conduct a two-week unit. Furthermore, material will be developed that will allow a Knozone representative to assist with these outreach efforts in the classroom.

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John Hazlett, Director Office of Sustainability reading Air Schmair

Lesson Plans

The new and updated lesson plans provide opportunities for learning among K-5 students, meeting state education standards in the areas of language arts, earth and life sciences, art, writing, math and more. The variety of lesson plans create fun learning opportunities for activities and research both inside and outside the classroom. Each set of Knozone lessons meets the following Indiana academic standards in science and common core standards in English/language arts for grades K-5. Each plan has an on overview of what the goal of the lesson is as well as a list of all materials needed. The plans are adaptable and can be used in short or long class sessions.  

How to Register

Registration is an easy process that will take very little time.

1. Click link below.

2. Fill out registration form with all pertinent information.

3. Receive confirmation email and receive lessons plans within 3 business days via email as a .pdf attachment.