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Indianapolis KnoZone
What is Knozone?
"Clean air helps make Indianapolis a good place to do business and ensures a healthy environment for all residents. Clean air is crucial to make Indianapolis one of the most sustainable, livable cities in the Midwest. At work, at home, at play -- Do your part everyday towards cleaner air!" -       Mayor Greg Ballard

What's New?

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Check out the NEW Infographic on Indianapolis' air quality and how it might affect you.

The Knozone program is part of Mayor Greg Ballard’s initiative to make Indianapolis one of the Midwest’s most sustainable, livable cities. Through educational programming and a call to action, the Knozone program works with residents, businesses and others to improve Indianapolis’ air quality, making our city a great place to live and work. Check out the new Knozone PSA to make sure you are in the KNO!





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