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We’re pretty lucky in Indianapolis. Most of the time our air is nice and clean. But it’s not perfect. Occasionally, pollutants here exceed federal air quality standards. When that happens, the air can be unhealthy, especially for children, senior citizens, people with breathing related illnesses like asthma, and those who are active outdoors.

When we expect that to happen, the City of Indianapolis will call a Knozone Air Quality Action Day. If you’d like, we can alert you automatically when a Knozone Action Day has been called. Simply sign-up for email alerts at the top of the page.

It’s important to help keep Indianapolis’ air clean every day through small individual actions. Here’s a list of simple things you can do to reduce pollution:


Leave early to avoid morning rush-hour
Carpool to work, lunch or school
Bring your lunch rather than drive to lunch
Use public transport like IndyGo whenever possible
Use a programmable thermostat
Avoid vehicle idling, such as restaurant or bank drive-thrus
Don't burn trash or leaves
Turn your lights off when not in use
Instead of a Sunday drive, go for a walk or bike ride
Bike to work, the store or the bus stop
Refuel your vehicle and mow after 6 p.m.
Reducing the use of chemicals or pain that contain volatile organic componds

These actions to reduce air pollution become especially important on Knozone Action Days. After all, your neighbors are counting on you as an important partner in helping keep our air clean -- on Knozone Action Days and every other day.


Want to learn more about how you can help Indy's air stay clean?

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