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You think one home can’t make a difference in clean air? You definitely can! When you make smart decisions around the house, you’ll also make a big impact on Indy’s air. Basically, it all comes down to using energy wisely. Best of all, when you reduce the amount of energy you use, you’ll also lower your bills.

For example, one of the easiest ways to reduce the pollution you create is to adjust your thermostat – a few degrees down in the winter, a few degrees up in the summer. You can also switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. You might also think about switching to an electric or reel mower, especially if your yard is small. Rather than burning your trash or yard waste, you can take advantage of the city-provided collection systems for trash and yard debris. And, you can reduce your use of VOC- (volatile organic compound) containing products, such as household cleaners and paints.

Make some small changes around the house for big changes towards a healthy home, healthy family and healthy community. And, you can take some of those same actions to work for an even greater impact. 

In fact, there are many things that we can do to help lower air emissions. Click here for additional tips.

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