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​About CICAP

CICAP was created in 2007 to give the business community a meaningful role in promoting local air quality. Since then, over 160 businesses and organizations have committed themselves at varying levels to the CICAP program.

Of course, all commitments are voluntary. And it's easy to get started. Members simply decide which measures are right for their companies from one of four categories:

  • The Knozone program
  • Business fleet vehicles
  • Commuting initiatives
  • Energy/Fuel Savings

The number of measures an organization chooses determines its level of partnership. You can choose between gold (10 commitments), silver (6-9 commitments) and bronze (3-5 commitments) levels of partnership. Each renewable term of membership is for two years.



Monica Dick
CICAP Administration

​Contact us:
Office of Environmental Services
DPW Public Information Office