Heavy Trash
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Heavy Trash

Each Indianapolis household may place a maximum of two (2) items of heavy trash out for collection each month. If your home is serviced by DPW crews, heavy trash is collected on a specific day each month. If your home is serviced by a private contractor, heavy trash can be placed by the curb once a month on any of your regular trash days.

Acceptable heavy trash items:

  •  Household furnishings - couches, desks, tables, chairs, dressers.
  • Appliances (without Freon-gas refrigerant) - stoves, water heaters, water softeners. --Appliances containing Freon require special handling--
    To have a Freon unit collected, empty and disable the appliance and set it out at the curb or alley where your trash is normally picked up. Call the MAC at 327-4622 to arrange pickup. Freon units do not count as part of the monthly two heavy trash items allotment.
  • Disassembled bicycles and swing sets. 
  • Automobile/truck tires mounted on their rims/wheels. 
  • Lawnmowers - must be drained of all gas and oil.

Place all items on a stable surface. Be sure to secure and/or remove loose parts such as doors or trim. Items considered unacceptable for regular trash pickup are also unacceptable for heavy trash pickup. If legally unacceptable items are left for pickup, a DPW informational tag will notify you how to meet the pickup requirements.

Have more than two items of heavy trash to dispose of each month?