Illegal Dumping
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Unwanted trash items, scrap goods and other debris are often dumped illegally on both private and public property. Illegal dumping is an issue that the Department of Public Works (DPW), the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and Health and Hospital are continually working together to address throughout the city.

Illegal dumping is a punishable offense. If you witness illegal dumping, please call the Mayor's Action Center (MAC) at 327-4MAC or visit online to report the incident. DPW employs two environmental officers who conduct investigations into illegal dumpsites. The officers issue fines up to $2,500.00 on successful investigations. Additionally, one township coordinator is responsible for countywide illegal dumping inspections.

In a calendar year, DPW spent over $73,000 cleaning up illegal dumping sites on public property. Health and Hospital coordinates cleanup on private facilities, of which the property owners are responsible for the cost.


Ha​uler Awareness

One of the best things you can do to help control illegal dumping is to be aware. Many people, presenting themselves as trash haulers, will offer refuse removal to residents for what seems like a fair price. The cost to dump a pick-up truck load of waste at the Marion County Citizens’ Transfer Station, located at 2324 S. Belmont Ave, is $5. Therefore, be aware of haulers offering to remove your waste for a price that seems too close to the cost of actually disposing of that waste. Always review the background of haulers you are interested in using to ensure their business operations are legitimate.

You may not even need a hauler to take away your waste! The city offers regular trash pickup and recycling weekly and every resident has a heavy trash day. Depending on your pickup type (DPW or contractor), your heavy trash day is different. Residents with DPW pickup have a designated day for heavy trash. Those with contractor pickup can choose any one day per month for heavy trash. Find your pickup day here. Remember, there are parameters for what is acceptable for heavy trash. You can check those here.

Illegal Dumping Abatement Program

The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services (BNS) recently announced a plan to clean up trash accumulated on private property. In the past this was the responsibility of the property owner, but this plan will help the property owner clean up the illegal dumping and take measures to fine the responsible party. Learn more here.

Recycling and eCycling

If you do not have recycling pickup, you can request to subscribe. If you’d just like to recycle a few items today, you can drop them off at one of our multiple drop off stations throughout the city. Check out the one nearest to you.

Electronics require special care, so please be aware before you attempt to throw them away or recycle. Computers, computer-related parts and cell phones should be dropped off at one of the city’s regular ToxDrop events. Other electronic items such as televisions and stereos should be taken to one of our special eScrap events. According to Indiana law, trash haulers are NO longer able to accept televisions. For other items unacceptable for regular trash, click here.


How to Request a Sign

Anyone can request a NO Dumping sign through the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services if you have a continuous problem with illegal dumping in your area. Call 317-327-8700 to make arrangements to pick up a sign.

Together, we can eliminate illegal dumping in Indianapolis! There is a home for all of your unwanted waste and with a little care, you can make sure that our neighborhoods stay clean and safe for all of our residents.


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