Leaf Collection
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The Department of Public Works conducts its annual Leaf Collection Program to help citizens dispose of  large numbers of leaves each fall.​



  • Each household is permitted 40 bags of leaves for weekly disposal.
  • Place leaves in large plastic trash bags and place near your regular trash cart.
  • Place the leaf bags out by 7 a.m. on your regular trash day.
  • Keep all leaf bags at least three feet away from cart collection areas to ensure trucks can service the carts.


1. When is DPW conducting leaf pickup this year?

November 12 -- December 7, 2018

2. How many bags am I allowed to leave out for pickup each week?

Residents may leave out up to 40 bags of leaves for pickup each week. 

3. Should I use paper or plastic when bagging leaves?

DPW recommends plastic bags for leaf collection. Paper bags can deteriorate and break apart in wet weather making leaf collection by solid waste crews more difficult.

4. Do I place my leaves out on my regular trash pickup day?

Yes, residents should place leaves out for pickup on their regular trash pickup day. 

5. Why can’t leaf pickup start earlier/end later? I have many trees in my backyard.

DPW coordinates leaf pickup around the time Indianapolis sees the most leaves falling. The season extends beyond Thanksgiving to provide residents time to gather leaves after the holiday weekend. 

If you have more leaves outside of the leaf collection season, the Citizens Transfer Station, located at 2324 S Belmont Ave, is open from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM on Saturdays for residents to drop off excess leaves. There is a fee of $2.00 per car load and $5.00 per truck load. 
Trailers will not be permitted at the Citizens Transfer Station.
CTS requests that leaves be bagged for ease of drop-off.

6. Where do the leaves go once they’ve been collected?

Leaves are taken to the Southside landfill once they are collected, however, leaves collected this year will also be composted and resulting mulch will be available to residents in the spring.​​​

7. Can I place my leaves in the 96-gallon cart?

Yes, residents can place bagged leaves in the 96-gallon cart to be picked up. 

8. If I place my leaves outside of the cart, will they still get picked up?

Yes, bags of leaves that are left outside of the 96-gallon cart for pickup during the leaf collection season will get picked up. However, following leaf collection season, items that are left outside of the 96-gallon cart will not be picked up. 

9. I have multiple bags of leaves. What if I am running out of space on my curb/alley? 

DPW asks residents to keep leaves 3 feet away from cart collection areas and out of the public right-of-way so DPW Solid Waste personnel can quickly and safely remove leaves and continue on their scheduled routes. 

10. Does leaf collection impact heavy trash?

No, leaf collection does not impact heavy trash pickup. ​


  • Make sure storm sewer inlets and drainage pipes are clear of leaves to avoid drainage problems.
  • Open burning of leaves is illegal in Indianapolis/Marion County.
  • Making your own home compost from organic waste is another way to dispose of your fall leaves. Learn how you can set up home composting.