Leaf Collection
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Leaf Collection

 The Department of Public Works conducts the annual Leaf Collection Program to help our citizens dispose of the large number of leaves each fall. This program helps your Indianapolis/Marion County environment by turning the leaves into useable compost, offered free to citizens, to help strengthen and beautify lawns and gardens county-wide.

View our Public Service Announcement on this year's Leaf Collection Program.

City leaf collection program begins November 4, 2013 and runs through November 30, 2013.

Fall Leaf Season Guidelines

    • Each household is permitted 40 bags of leaves for weekly disposal.

    • Place leaves in large plastic trash bags or specially-built large paper lawn-waste bags.
    • Place the leaf bags out by 7:00 a.m. on your regular trash day.
    • Separate your leaf pick-up from your regular trash. For example, put leaves on opposite side of driveway or use different colored bags and/or tie wraps.
    • Keep all leaf bags at least three feet away from cart collection areas to ensure DPW trucks can service the cart.
    • Make sure sewer inlets and drainage pipes are clear of leaves to avoid drainage problems.
    • Open burning of leaves is illegal in Indianapolis/Marion County.

    Making your own home compost from organic waste is another way to dispose of your fall leaves. Learn how you can set up home composting.


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