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In Marion County residential trash collection is done through automated pick-up (when the truck picks up your can with a mechanical arm).

The City also offers options for residential recycling. For more information on recycling in Indianapolis and how you can continue to help sustain Indy, click here​

Trash is collected five days a week beginning at 7 a.m. On your collection day, be sure to place your trash at the curb or in the alley before 7 a.m. to ensure proper pickup.

If you have questions or concerns about your weekly trash or heavy trash collection, please contact the Mayor's Action Center online or call (317) 327-4622.



All trash must be bagged in kitchen-size (10 - 15 gallon) bags for pickup.

  • In cart areas, all waste must be bagged or bundled before placing in carts.
  • Regular residential waste items, including the following, are acceptable for weekly collection:
    • Food Waste
    • Paper
    • Bottles
    • Metal Cans
    • Plastic
    • Cloth
    • Toys
    • Small Twigs, Leaves and Grass - In automated pickup areas, bundle or bag and place in cart. 
    • Tires Without Metal Rims - For those with automated pickup, tires should be placed in carts. Tires with rims count as one item of heavy trash.
    • Boxes - Empty boxes, flatten and tie into bundles. For those with automated pickup, bundles should be placed in the cart.


  • Heavy trash is collected monthly. Find your designated heavy trash days by entering your address here.
  • Up to two items of heavy trash will be collected each month.
  • The following items are acceptable for heavy trash:
    • Large Yard Waste- Tie limbs, shrubbery cuttings, etc. in bundles no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet. Each bundle counts as one heavy trash item.
    • Mattresses
    • Tires with Rims
    • Appliances without freon gas: stoves, water heaters and water softeners
    • Lawn Mowers (Drain of all fluids.)
    • Disassembled Bicycles and Swing Sets
    • Television Shells (Remove all tubing inside.)


  • Used motor oil and paint - Take these items to your local ToxDrop site.
  • Debris from construction or demolition, including discarded building materials, such as drywall, roofing, brick, stone, roofing material and wood. Some materials may be recyclable or reusable. Otherwise, make arrangements to have the material taken to the landfill.
  • Trees - large tree limbs or tree stumps over 3 feet long and/or 3 feet in diameter.
  • Brush and vegetation created by building contractors, commercial tree or lawn services.
  • Sod, fill dirt and trash from a contractor’s clearing work, including other materials that require special handling.
  • Explosives - Call IMPD and ask for the bomb squad at 327-6502, and make arrangements for them to be picked up or brought in.
  • Tanks used for storing propane and other gases.
  • Electronic items such as computers, computer-related parts and cell phones may be dropped off at the City’s regular ToxDrop locations. Click here to learn of options for the proper disposal of electronic waste.
  • Ashes and sand - Make arrangements to have the material taken to the landfill.
  • Automotive parts - Such as engines, gas tanks, rear bumpers, springs, fenders and seats. Make arrangements with a private junk yard.
  • Farm equipment, marine vessels or any of their major parts - Make arrangements with a private junk yard.
  • Septic, human and animal waste. (NOTE: minimal amounts, like diapers and kitty litter, are okay provided they are securely bagged).

If legally unacceptable items are left for pickup, an informational tag will notify you how you can meet the pickup requirements.



  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Day

On these holidays, curbside trash and recycling pick up will be delayed one day.