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The Office of Corporation Counsel's Litigation Section represents the Consolidated City and County and its boards, commissions, agencies, officials, and employees in civil litigation.

The litigation team handles all litigation, trials, and appeals involving varied substantive areas of law such as federal constitutional claims, labor and employment, environmental, state constitutional claims, negligence, wrongful death, zoning, contract, tax, and municipal.

Tort claims are also administered by the Litigation section.

Litigation Section Staff:
Donald Morgan, Chief Litigation Counsel
Anne Harrigan, Deputy Chief Litigation Counsel
Andrew Upchurch, Deputy Chief Litigation Counsel
Traci Cosby, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Jess Gastineau, Special Counsel - Tax Litigation
Tara Gerber, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Grant Helms, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Sheila Kinney, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Thomas Moore, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Adam Willfond, Assistant Corporation Counsel

Gina Beaven, Paralegal
Susan Garrard, Paralegal
Kaitlin Gates, Paralegal
Donna Sadler, Investigator