Public Access Counselor
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Public Access Counselor


The Public Access Counselor is responsible for ensuring that the public access laws of Indiana - the Access to Public Records Act and Open Door Law - are followed by city-county government.

The Public Access Counselor assists citizens, particularly those without sufficient resources, when their access to city and county public records or meetings is wrongfully denied.

The Public Access Counselor also advises and educates city-county officials in their duties under the public access laws.

The resources contained in this website are designed to help the public gain access to their government and meet the Mayor's objective of open government in Indianapolis.

There are two main provisions of Indiana law about openness in government. They are the Access to Public Records Act, which addresses records of government agencies, and the Open Door Law, which deals with meetings of government agencies.

Indiana law provides procedures for citizens to request records within the control of government agencies. For your reference, a Sample Request Letter is included on this website, along with a suggested Request Form. These are intended as recommendations--there is no required form or letter. 

The City/County also maintains an on-line repository of City/County contracts.

To submit an online records requests through , click below: