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Bids & Quotes

Bid Results for 2014

The bid tabulations listed below reflect grand totals only of the valid bids received. They may not reflect any added or deducted alternatives. Evaluations will be made by the project manager or his representative for correct price extensions, meeting specifications, etc. Once those specifications are completed, the department’s governing board or commission will award the bid to the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder meeting the bid’s specifications. The bids listed may only be the top three responsive bids.

Please click on the bid number below to review the results from that particular bid.

RFB-14DPW-361 RFB-14DPW-364 RFB-14DPW-365
RFB 17DPR-90 RFB 17DPR-89 RFQ 33SHF-61
RFQ 33SHF-63 RFQ 33SHF-64 RFQ-39CRT-13
RFQ 33SHF-66 RFQ 14DPW-366 RFB 14DPW371
RFB 14DPW372 RFB 14DPW373 RFQ-14DPW-385
RFQ-14DPW-381 RFB-14DPW-383 RFB 13DMD32
RFB-14DPW-390 RFB 14DPW-387 RFB 16DPS-281
RFQ-14DPW-393 RFQ 14DPW-386 RFQ-18DCE-11
RFQ 14DPW-369 RFQ-14DPW-389 RFB-11EAL-27
RFQ 14DPW-384 RFB-14DPW-392 RFQ-14DPW-398
RFB-16DPS-288 RFQ 14DPW-388 RFB 14DPW-382
RFB-14DPW-397 RFQ-14DPW-400 RFB-13DMD-034
RFB 13DMD 33 RFQ-14DPW-403 RFB-14DPW-404
RFB-51ISA-15 RFB 16DPS-324 RFQ-47COR-5
RFQ-14DPW-433 RFQ-16DPS-321 RFQ-14DPW-434
RFB-14DPW-430 RFQ-51ISA-18 RFB 13DMD36
RFB-18DCE-16 RFB-11EAL-30 RFQ-14DPW-442
RFQ-47COR-6 RFB-14DPW-440 RFB-14DPW-441
RFB-16DPS-352 RFQ-18DCE-17 RFQ 18 DCE-18
RFB-11EAL-31 RFB-14DPW-446 RFB 14DPW-432
RFB-14DPW-445 RFB-14DPW-450 RFQ-16DPS-360
RFB-14DPW-444 RFQ 14DPW-407 RFQ-14DPW-455
RFB 11EAL26 RFB-16DPS-364 RFQ 18DCE-20
RFQ-14DPW-458 RFB 14DPW-431 RFB 13 DMD-37
RFB 16DPS-367 RFB 14DPW-427 RFQ-14DPW-456
RFB-14DPW-457 RFB-14DPW-459 RFQ-14DPW-461
RFB 14DPW-452 RFB 14DPW-453 RFB-14DPW-462
RFB-14DPW-463 RFQ-14DPW-471 RFB-14DPW-468
RFB-14DPW-469 RFB-14DPW-472 RFB-14DPW-473
RFB 14DPW-426 RFB 14DPW-360 RFB 14DPW-447
RFQ 14DPW-454 RFQ-51ISA-23 RFB-14DPW-475
RFB-14DPW-476 RFB-14DPW-479 RFB-14DPW-484
RFB-14DPW-485 RFB-14DPW-487 RFB-51ISA-22
RFB 14DPW-464 RFB-14DPW-470 RFQ-14DPW-474
RFB-14DPW-486 RFQ-14DPW-495 RFB-13DMD-039
RFB-14DPW-489 RFB-16DPS-387 RFQ-14DPW-499
RFQ 14DPW-478 RFQ 14DPW-493 RFQ 14DPW-498
RFQ 18 DCE-21 RFQ 18 DCE-22 RFB 14DPW-490
RFB 14DPW-492 RFB 14DPW-496 RFB 14DPW-497
RFB 14DPW-502 RFQ-32FOR-39 RFQ-11EAL-35
RFQ 16DPS-372 RFQ 14DPW-500 RFQ 14DPW-501
RFQ 14DPW-488

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