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Bids & Quotes

Bid Results for 2017
The bid tabulations listed below reflect grand totals only of the valid bids received. They may not reflect any added or deducted alternatives. Evaluations will be made by the project manager or his representative for correct price extensions, meeting specifications, etc. Once those specifications are completed, the department’s governing board or commission will award the bid to the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder meeting the bid’s specifications. The bids listed may only be the top three responsive bids. Please click on the bid number below to review the results from that particular bid.
Bid/Quote #
SD-13-050, Tuliptree Bank Stabilization
Term Agreement for Plastic Pavement Markings Material
BK-25-032, Downtown Brick Paver Repair
BM-02-063, New Augusta Road over Little Eagle Creek (STR0203F)
SD-32-012, Gateway South Drainage Project
Capital Improvements for the IRT Building
Two Year Term Agreement for Mowing and Litter Services for the Department of Public Works
Term Agreement to Supply OEM Refuse Parts
Term Agreement for Roadside Mowing Services
Outright purchase for Aluminum Sign Blanks
Outright Purchase of Two (2) Fork Lift Trucks
Term Agreement for Parks Aquatics Scheduling Solutions for Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR)
SD-00-045G  Miscellaneous Drainage Improvements Northern Marion County
PA-16-012 Dubarry Park Multi-Purpose Playing Field
CW-15-009 Indy Access Curbs, Sidewalks and Ramps with Related Items in Center Township
Mowing Services for the Department of Metropolitan Development
PA-17-032 Garfield Park Fountain Waterproofing
Two (2) Year Term Agreement for Sheriff Uniforms & Accessories for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office
CL-51-003 Carroll Road (6400N) Culvert Replacement
2 Year Term Agreement for Structural Firefighting Gloves for the Indianapolis Fire Department
Term Agreement for Authorized Repairs to Pup Equipment at Any or All Department of Public Works (DPW) or Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)
RS-13-005 38th Street Resurfacing from Emerson Ave to Arlington Ave.
CL-11-001 Culvert Rehabilitation at 99 E. Arden Dr.
Term Agreement for Supplying Printing, Postage Marking and Mailing of Hearing Notice & Subpoena Postcards and Letters for the Marion County Clerk’s Office
Term Agreement for Janitorial Services the Marion County Clerk’s Office
RS-17-601 Resurfacing in Marion County - Sector 1
Term Agreement for Gym Floor Refinishing for Department of Public Works
Term Agreement for Pool Water Management Services for Department of Public Works
Term Agreement for the Delivery of Bottled Water
RFQ-39CRT-24 Apple iPad Pro 12.9” & Microsoft Surface Pro 4 12.3” Tablets and Accessories for Marion Superior Court