Retailer Application for Employee Discount Program
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Retailer Request to Participate in Employee Discount Program

Business Information
Business Location
Mailing Address
Discount Information
Please enter a brief description (no more than 50 words) of your discount offer as you would like it to appear on the website (Vendors are encouraged to include a weblink if they wish to provide more information):
Please list how to redeem this discount (e.g. present a valid City ID card at checkout, visit our website for details on receiving your discount, etc.):

By submitting this Participation of Understanding document, you agree that this is not a contract with The Consolidated City of Indianapolis and Marion County. Submitting this document, you agree to provide all the necessary information to have your product or service listed on the website of the City. Failure to provide all such information could result in a delay in processing your form. You agree to provide written notification to the City Employee Discounts Office about discontinuation, manufacturer recalls or any other information about your product or service that may not meet the mission and values of the City.