District 15, Marilyn Pfisterer
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Marilyn Pfisterer

Phone: 317-244-7156
Born in Pennsylvania and living in Ohio for several years, I am now an adopted Hoosier. With a family of grown children and a work career that has taken me from my birth place to Indiana has enabled me to have several experiences that enhanced my ability to serve my district well. Hoosier ideas have shaped my path as I ventured into the political arena. I studied at  Ohio State Uuniversity and IUPUI to take advantage of educational opportunities.  
I was elected to the Wayne Township Trustees Board in 1999 and succeeded in contested races for that seat in the Primary and General elections. I have been active in local politics ever since, serving my multiple terms as a City County Councilor. The Controller position in the Secretary of state’s office allowed me to learn a great deal about how Government works and that experience has served me well as a Councilor.  
Volunteering my time for church, community and other activities has always been important to me. Most recently, I have mentored in the MSD of Wayne Township schools, hosted a successful Job Fair every year for 12 years, served in the Speedway Lions Club and the West Side Chamber of Commerce.  Attendance at several Neighborhood Association gatherings is included in my calendar. I have been active in the formation and development of the new West Side Community Development organization, Indy Gateway,that has been very beneficial to the West Side.  
I have served and continue to serve in political organizations. As a Councilor, I hold Town Hall meetings regularly in various areas of my district to best connect with residents and communicate with constituents with “e news” letters.  
I am currently serving or have served on:
The Administration Finance Committee
The Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee
Co-Chair of the Early Intervention Planning Council
The Medical History Museum Board
The Indiana Association of Cities and Towns Public Safety Board
PACE Board
West Side Chamber board
Indy Gateway Board
Court Appointed Child Advocate
Aerovision Committee
Minority Whip
Morale Efficiency Team
Space Allocation Committee
Other "special" Committees
Recipient of the Lion's Club W. P, Woods Fellowship Award
The personal side of my life includes a family of 3 children. I am currently a widow having been married almost 24 years to a Firefighter.