Councillor Nytes Receives NLC Appointment
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Cherrish S. Pryor

Councillor Nytes Receives NLC Appointment

INDIANAPOLIS – Councillor Jackie Nytes was recently appointed Vice Chair of the National League of Cities' CityFutures Panel on Public Finance by NLC President Anthony Williams, Mayor of Washington D.C.  The panel's mission is to identify a viable system of public finance for cities in the future.  The panel's work will foster and shape a broader and more visible public discourse about the need for reform to the system of public finance and to the related intergovernmental system.  The panel also hopes to provide guidance and recommendations to city officials about dealing with specific challenges in their cities.


Councillor Nytes said, "I am honored to serve on a panel with my fellow colleagues across the country to address the fiscal challenges that most communities are now facing.  Many cities, like Indianapolis, are being forced to look at very creative ways of funding needed services in the community, because financial support from the state and federal government is being cut." 


As a member of the panel, Councillor Nytes will have a direct influence on establishing NLC's response to prospective changes to the federal tax system and developing a guide to reforming the tax system.  Work will also include developing a process to research new revenue sources and convening a summit of federal, state and local officials to explore long-term solutions to local government fiscal challenges.


Councillor Nytes said, "One area that needs attention from the panel is unfunded mandates from the state and federal governments.  These mandates often place an undue hindrance on local communities and sometimes force cuts in services from other needed areas of a city's budget."  She said, "We also need to make sure that for every dollar we send to the state and federal government, we get it back at the very least.  Indiana and Indianapolis would be in better financial shape if we got back more of what we sent to the state and Washington D.C." 


Locally, Councillor Nytes has been a strong advocate for long-term fiscal planning, as well as improving housing options, strengthening Indianapolis Public Schools and the arts.  She currently serves on numerous boards throughout the community including; The International Center, Horizon's Urban Summer Enrichment Program, Indiana Repertory Theater, Mid North Shepherd's Center and IMAGIS. 


As a Council member she chairs the Economic Development Committee and is a member of the Administration and Finance Committee and Metropolitan Development Committee. 


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