Council Hears Plan to Make City Waterways Safer
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Cherrish S. Pryor
Council Hears Plan to Make City Waterways Safer


Indianapolis - Tonight, the Council’s Public Works Committee will take public testimony and vote on Proposal Nos. 253 and 535, 2005.

Councillor Lonnell Conley, Chairman of the Public Works Committee said, "I expect to vote on two proposals this evening that will increase the sewer rate and stromwater fees to support the operations, maintenance and improvement of the sanitary sewer collection system." He further stated, "This is a major undertaking that will greatly reduce the number of basements that are flooded during heavy rainfall and the number of times raw sewage spills into our waterways."

The stormwater fee will be a one time increase of $1.00 per month. The new sewer rate would be phased in over a three year period. It is estimated that a typical household whose current sewer bill is $9.59 per month would pay $12.38 in 2006, $15.17 in 2007, and $17.96 in 2008.

The total amount collected is expected to be $435 million. Of that, $400 million would cover sewer overflow and sanitary sewer/treatment projects and $35 million would go to flood control and drainage improvement. The proposals would also connect homes using septic tanks to city sewer lines at a much reduced cost than what is currently in place, and it will implement a $2,500 connection fee for new homes to connect to the city’s sewer lines.

Councillor Conley said, "Safer waterways are a benefit to those who drink our water and fish in our rivers. I encourage the public to support our efforts to make Indianapolis the best and safest place to live when these proposals come before the full Council."

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