Talley Receives Consolidation Letter of Support from Councilman Keller
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Cherrish S. Pryor
Talley Receives Consolidation Letter of Support from Councilman Keller

Indianapolis - Council President Steve Talley received a letter from Councilman Scott Keller expressing his support for the new consolidation proposal, Proposal No. 627, 2005, if certain assurances and amendments were made. The new proposal will be introduced to the full Council at tonight’s meeting.

In his letter to President Talley, Councillor Keller stated, "I am prepared to vote in the affirmative to pass a renewed proposal in the same form as Proposal 471, but my support is contingent on three law enforcement policy matters of import to me and my constituents."

Councillor Keller’s letter also stated, "I am hopeful you can provide assurances that each of these three questions can be answered in the affirmative. If so, that would earn my support and vote for that renewed proposal."

Those three issues were that probationary officers would be given retroactive pay raises, IPD-style merit protections for hiring and promotions be incorporated in the merit structure of the new consolidated law enforcement agency, and written assurance that beat patrols would not be reduced in IPD’s East and South Districts. The City administration and President Talley responded in the affirmative to each of Councillor Keller’s concerns. His first concern that probationary officers received retroactive pay, was in fact resolved in October, 2005.

Talley said, "I am pleased that Councilman Keller has pledged his support for the new consolidation proposal. He and his constituents had valid concerns and each concern has been addressed."

The consolidation proposal will merge the Indianapolis Police Department and the law enforcement division of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. Under the proposal the Sheriff will lead the new metropolitan law enforcement agency. A committee hearing on Proposal 627 is scheduled for Wednesday, December 14 at 5:30 p.m. before the Law Enforcement Consolidation Committee in the City County Building, Room 260.

Talley said, "The citizens of Marion County will definitely benefit from a consolidated law enforcement department, and I’m glad that Councilman Keller will be a part of making that happen."

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