Council Votes to Merge Law Enforcement
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Cherrish S. Pryor
Council Votes to Merge Law Enforcement

Indianapolis - Tonight the Indianapolis City County Council voted to merge the Indianapolis Police Department with the law enforcement division of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. When the Council began to consider the question of consolidation, it was done with the primary goal of studying all means by which the City and County could provide the safest and healthiest environment in which to live, to work and to raise and educate children.

President Talley said, "Every dollar we can save in the delivery of the same or better public safety services means we can spend that dollar to improve public safety services and the salaries of those who put their lives on the line for us everyday." He said, "Every dollar saved means that we can invest in an infrastructure that does not require that we release dangerous felons from jail because of overcrowding, lay off public safety officers or reduce fire and emergency services in our communities."

Senate Enrolled Act 307 provided a means by which the Council could further its goal of saving the taxpayers dollars, and it puts at least $4 million additional dollars toward the delivery of more effective and efficient public safety services in Indianapolis / Marion County. This opportunity for change does not come with any great risk to our constituents.

"Our constituents expect us to deliver more effective and efficient public safety services this year and in future years. Failure to act on this opportunity would have been harmful to and may have defeated our greatest efforts to improve public safety," said President Talley.

The question of consolidation has been studied in great detail over this past year with feedback given by those that support and oppose adopting and moving forward on consolidation. It is clear that the good that will come from consolidation clearly outweighs any losses. The community would have faced a reduction in the delivery of public safety services had the proposal not passed.

President Talley said, "I have great faith that the adoption of this proposal by the whole council is the correct thing to do at this time for the future good of our great city. I can say to the ‘nay Sayers’ that we have not rushed to judgment as I promised we would not do. Consolidation is in the best interest of all of our citizens and our public safety officers. This is not a partisan issue but a good public policy issue."

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