President Talley Puts Family First
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Cherrish S. Pryor
President Talley Puts Family First

(Will not seek second term as Council President)

Indianapolis - Council President Steve Talley announced he will not seek a second term as Council President, but he will continue to serve as Councillor for District 11.

President Talley said, "While I am thankful for the opportunity and I enjoyed very much the work that we accomplished during my time as Council President, I have a higher responsibility. My faith requires that I put God first and my family comes second. Right now, I need to be with my family as we deal with the challenges that come with a prolonged illness." He added, "I will continue to serve on the City-County Council and I will continue to serve my constituents in District 11, but I need to take more time for my family; therefore, I will not seek to be re-elected as President of the Indianapolis City-County Council tonight."

Rarely does a person get the opportunity to truly make a difference in their community by serving as President of the Indianapolis City-County Council. During President Talley’s term key issues facing the city and county were addressed. And, for the first time much needed attention was given to youth and how they and the community could better serve and protect them in their journey to adulthood.

"During my tenure as President, we established the City-County Council as an active, leading agent of change for a better Indianapolis. I am proud of this past year’s accomplishments. I am proud that we enacted Indianapolis’ first smoking ban, and through law enforcement consolidation, we have firmly set our sights on a better and more financially secure future for all of our citizens," said President Talley.

Under President Talley’s leadership, additional money was generated to work towards jail overcrowding and the early release of inmates, dollars were secured for the construction of a new stadium and expansion of the convention center, and the city was able to move forward with needed repairs of the stormwater and sewer systems.

"I am humbled at the opportunity my fellow councillors gave me this past year to lead our council. I am humbled that we as a group stood up and said that prejudice against any group is wrong and we as a community will stand up against any such action," said President Talley. He said, "I am humbled by the hard work and dedication that my fellow councillors have invested on a day-in and day-out basis Regardless of their political affiliation, each councillor is a selfless leader who gives of their own time for very little compensation to help make Indianapolis the best city in our Nation."

President Talley added, "I want to thank all the members of the Indianapolis City-County Council, the Council staff, Mayor Bart Peterson, and especially my wife, for the support and guidance they have given me this past year. I look forward to continue working with all the councillors in the upcoming year and I offer my full support to the incoming President."

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