Monroe Gray Becomes Council President
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Cherrish S. Pryor
Monroe Gray Becomes Council President

Indianapolis - Councillor Monroe Gray (D-District 8) received a majority of the Council vote to become President of the Indianapolis City-County Council. He served as Majority Leader of the Council from 2004 until becoming President of the Council at the meeting held tonight. During his time as Majority Leader he also served as chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee and was a member of the Rules and Public Policy Committee, on which he will continue to serve.

President Gray said, "As a longtime member of the Council, I have a great respect for the role of the Council in the community and the need for Council members to sometimes rise above the more purely political considerations."

In 1992, President Gray began his first term on the Council, serving out the term of Glenn Howard who was elected to the Indiana State Senate. President Gray has served on various Council committees and dedicates much of his time helping the under-served in the community. His major priorities as a councillor include eliminating alcohol in public parks, encouraging neighborhood growth and development, and increasing community policing.

"As president, my major concern will be to move forward with an agenda of work yet to be done and to keep this a growing and economically stable and viable world class city. I will begin my term with a simple agenda, to continue the progress and good work we have done on behalf of the citizens of this great city," said President Gray.

President Gray said, "I want to thank the councillors and my constituents for their support, and most importantly my family. I look forward to working with my fellow councillors, the community, the mayor, Council staff and other leaders to keep this city moving in a community friendly and economically sound direction."


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