Councillor Talley Receives an Answer from INDOT on Noise Abatement
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Cherrish S. Pryor
Councillor Talley Receives an Answer from INDOT on Noise Abatement

Indianapolis - Councillor Steve Talley received an answer from the Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), Thomas Sharp, in response to a request Councillor Talley made regarding noise generated by traffic from I-465.

The letter from Commissioner Sharp outlines work that will be performed along the west side of I-465 from Fall Creek to I-69 that will alleviate much of the noise generated by highway traffic which is heard in Avalon Hills and other nearby communities. The bid to install noise abatement structures will be let in February, 2006 and the contract will be awarded in March, 2006. INDOT predicts it will take approximately one year to install the structures that will reduce highway noise in the affected area.

"Traffic noise has been an ongoing problem for over five years in that area. When I became councillor for the district, homeowners expressed to me the problems they were having and I promised to use any resources at my disposal to help address the problem. I’m glad I was able to help resolve a problem that has plagued a community for so long," said Councillor Talley.

Noise has also been cited as a problem for visitors to the area as well as animals in the Skiles Test Park.

Councillor Talley said, "Everyone wants and deserves to live in a community where outside influences do not interrupt their lifestyle. When people come home from a long day at work, they need to enjoy the peace and quiet that can only be obtained from being at home. I am pleased to know that the people of Avalon Hills and the nearby communities will be able to experience that once construction is complete."