Council Republican Leader to Unveil Comprehensive City/County Funding Action Plan
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Dr. Philip C. Borst
Council Republican Leader to Unveil Comprehensive City/County Funding Action Plan

Indianapolis - City-County Council Republican Leader Philip C. Borst will unveil a comprehensive funding action plan at the April 18th Rules and Policy Committee. The committee meeting is at 5:30 PM in Room 260 in the City-County Building. The proposal, Proposal No. 224, 2006, was introduced in the council on March 27.

"Many groups are working on various funding ideas, but there is no one place that brings a local government snapshot together. This resolution is an attempt to create in one place, a five year projection of local government needs, funding gaps, and possible solutions," said Councilman Borst.

Marion County government has many immediate and long term funding needs. Public safety comprises the majority of the needs. Preventing public safety layoffs of police officers and firemen, stopping the spiraling crime rate, and stopping the early release of jail prisoners are the most immediate goals.

Other major problems include loss of inventory taxes, capped property tax replacement credits, 2% cap of property tax liability, Family and Children Welfare costs, Indiana Department of Corrections Boys/Girls School charges, public safety pensions, IndyGo funding, Library Board funding, sewer, drainage, and septic system problems.

At least five groups of officials need to come together to develop a detailed comprehensive plan of action to address local government needs. Those groups are: 1) Fiscal staff from city, county, townships, excluded cities, and municipal corporations, 2) Law enforcement officials from city, county, unions, and excluded cities, 3) Fire officials from city, townships, unions, and excluded cities, 4) The Marion County Criminal Justice Planning Council, and 5) Elected officials from township, city, county, excluded cities. These groups should also join together to lobby the state for legislative and policy changes.

Councilman Borst said, "After determining a five year projection of basic needs and funding gaps, items to be considered should be efficiencies, streamlining, collaborations, coordination, new protocols, new revenues, and new legislation. With government officials working together, this action plan can be accomplished in a matter of weeks."

Attached is a concept and some ideas to stimulate discussions.