Councillors Support Jail Beds In Marion County
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Cherrish S. Pryor
Councillors Support Jail Beds In Marion County

Some Democrat members of the Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee encourage the Criminal Justice Planning Council (CJPC), Sheriff Frank Anderson, and Prosecutor Carl Brizzi to offer a proposal to house prisoners locally in Marion County Jail II (MCJII) or the Arrestee Processing Center (APC).

Councillor William Oliver said, "The New Castle idea was not practical, immediate, or a viable long-term solution. This is why we did not support it. Local control under Sheriff Anderson is more practical."

Councillor Greg Bowes said, "Most of the agencies involved in solving this problem have been doing their best to use the additional $12 million the Council appropriated last year, but those solutions take time to help ease the jail crowding problem. Any short-term solution should be developed under the bipartisan review of the CJPC to make sure the money we spend is used most effectively."

Councillor Vernon Brown said, "I researched the possibility of beds at the APC and MCJII prior to Wednesday’s meeting. They can build space out in 90 days and we will have use of the space for many years to come as long as there is a need."

Council President Monroe Gray said, "We can add jail beds in Marion County that will be available for 5 to 10 years without sending inmates and money to the State of Indiana which will incur additional debt for Marion County taxpayers. This is the best way to begin a long term solution to the criminal justice problem."

Committee members agree to sponsor a proposal for additional jail beds in Marion County, under the control of the Sheriff, for the next committee meeting.


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